I can't express my appreciation for the excellent, focused and affectionate attention you displayed toward me yesterday. What diminished energy I had remaining after I left your house was used to drive back home. I was truly amazed at the high level of personal attention and the manner and skillful, talented ways you used your hands, fingers and mind to completely relax and place me in a peaceful trance for so many minutes. I did not realize I was so transparent...you are indeed very talented and able to discover many things from touch and energy transfer - amazing. I have had many and varied massages over the last 14 years (since my divorce) and I must admit you touched and massaged me in ways like no other. The erotic piece was especially nice.

Thank you for allowing me into your world for a little while and for making me feel so special.

David S. Virginia Bch. VA


Just wanted to let you know what a great erotic massage you gave me. The stress at work is never ending but you put me in the zone and I’m not feeling it like I was. One of my colleagues asked me if I took a happy pill. I also slept like a rock afterwards. I’m looking forward to seeing you again the next time I fly in.



I know I was cranky and irritable when I came in because I was in so much pain. I had my subtalar fusion in April, but still had a lot of pain. I was limping when I came to your studio. What you do works. It feels better than it did before I had the surgery 2 years ago. It's been about a week now since our appointment and my ankle still feels alot better. Thanks, you’re the best



Ready to schedule another appointment with you. You opened up parts of me that have been buried for a long time. I’m ready for more..



Hard to find a therapist who is talented in both sensual massage as well as therapeutically. You exceeded my expectations in both of these departments.
Get's better every visit.

Thanks again Ginger.

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